Ballet Students Gain Balance From Special Massage

The benefits that a massage therapy may have on children

Massage is a controlled and relaxing touch that has been used for the longest time now. It is also known to be a kind of ancient practice that is able to give a child that sense of trust and security especially when it comes to a baby who has just been born. The sense of touch is one of the senses that was first developed by humans ever since and it was also used as a way in which people could communicate and express their feelings. It is commonly said that a single touch can be able to say a million words and children have been known to thrive especially when it comes to emotional connections simply by the right amount of physical touch that they are subjected to. 

Children who grow up in an environment whereby they are able to receive the right amount of touch have been known to grow into successful adults who have a high self-esteem and also who are able to have long-lasting relationships. 

Understanding massage as a kind of therapy
There are many customs all over the world that make use of  as a therapy for children especially those who are at an infant age. They make use of herbs and other essential oils so that they can be able to increase the benefit that the massage is going to have on the infant. A good massage therapy is able to act as a kind of stress booster for many children especially to those who have been exposed to a lot of emotional drama. What most people fail to understand is that children are also exposed to their own unique levels of stress which may come from family issues, school or even when they are playing with other kids in their age bracket.

When stress in children kicks in, this may end up causing a kind of imbalance on their entire immune system and may also play a major role in their hormonal imbalance. Exposing your child to regular massage can be a way of easing or rather reducing the stress that your child may be faced with.

How do children respond to massages?
Children have been found to have a very positive response when it comes to massages. This response goes hand in hand with the bonding and touch that has a kind of therapeutic effect on the child. When it comes to infants, the gentle and light stroking that is normally done with the use of oils also has a positive impact on their growth and health. As your child keeps on growing older, you can work on their feet and hands and also start on concentrating on their toes and fingers. 

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